Friday, August 9, 2013

Ideas Evolving

So in talking to a couple people, a few of my ideas have involved into a safer money maker option for myself where I am not paying rent and having to come up with a specific amount of money each month to stay afloat. I can still do what I want to do but I could also create opportunities for other people to make money as well. I am thinking of start a flea market. I need to come up with a better word. That sounds so unappealing. But I'm excited about it because its very low start up cost. A lot of the things that I need to operate I could borrow from someone. Or it would not cost that much for me to purchase certain items if I needed to. And then I could provide a service to people who have used items and make goods that they want to sell but they don't necessarily want to just set up anywhere and sell them.

This idea is getting better and better. For me and for other people. God, please allow me to find some people willing to let me use their buildings or parking lots to house my flea market until I can find a stable lot for us to operate out of. Amen. I'm excited! YAY ME!

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