Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm all over the place

I've been out of town on vacation and its been cool. I haven't really been too productive as far as developing my ideas, but I have had a couple brainstorming sessions where I wrote a lot of things out. I've been developing various screenplay ideas, as well. That's kind of exciting. One of them is gonna be a comedy but it has a pretty sci-fi type feel to it. The other one is a love story of sorts. A fucked up version of love but a love story nonetheless. Then another one is about some hit men. And another one develops one of the hit men characters even more. I'll have one idea and it will lead to 5 and next thing I know I have five under developed ideas that go nowhere. I really need to start setting up designated times to work on finishing these ideas. Its writing the dialogue that is the worse part to me. That's the most time consuming because you have to really think how would each character naturally respond to a situation because as crazy as they may be, you want their responses to be believable, even if its shocking. I just have to give myself deadlines or something. 

Next item on my brain is computer programming. I'm still into that, but I'm more into the ideas part than the actual developing of the ideas. I really need a programmer on my team. I'm going to talk somebody into it, so we can get this money. The quest continues lol. 

What else? I would be drawing a blank right now. I probably shouldn't have necessarily took a vacation this month. I should have been on my shit tryna make money, but I'll get to that. I needed a break to clear my mind and get my ideas in order and work some things out. I've actually decided on a great idea to help fund my consulting business. I'll get to work on that when I get home. I have a couple different options for how I can get that started. I think that idea will go well. And I think I can get more people on board and support of that idea than anything else right now. Idk why I feel I need people's support but its nice. I guess I really need to pray for God to send me some support because the people I have around me may not necessarily be what I need to get me through to what I want to do. I'm learning that.