Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big Tings a Gwan

Got some good news on Friday. Hopefully things continue to work out in my favor. God I know Imma need your help on this. I got bills that need to be paid, and money that got to be made. And I could actually get started on both ideas that I have to make some money, as well as help other people in my community make some money as well. Things are coming together. I can feel it. Praise God. Thanks again! Just let me know what I need to do next. I'm definitely gonna need some favor in finding money to decorate and bring to life the vision in my head for how I want the store to look. All white floors and walls. I've always dreamed about that. Gotta make it happen. And I don't actually foreseeing it being a lot of work either. Its a good thing I know a lot of carpenters and electricians and people who do that type of hands on work. I'm gonna try to keep my excited-ness at bay until I hear what the real estate rep has to say on Monday. I pray that its a reasonable price that I can afford and that I can get the building ASAP and be open by October 1st so I can do some things for Halloween.

Committing to this idea kind of scares me but I know me and I know if I'm just a lil scared, it might actually be good for me. I think this is an opportunity where I can actually build something that I've always dreamed of. And I could run a business that I could be proud of and satisfied with. At least for a little while. And who knows what could become of it. I could start a franchise thrift store. Or I could go to other small towns and help them build their own boutique style thrift stores that they can be proud of. I can help raise money for causes. I can have events for people to have something to do. Its a million ideas going through my head but I guess I better secure the building first. Fingers crossed and breath held God. If this is a path that you feel is good for me and that I would excel at and be able to enjoy life as well as run and operate my own business, I'm ready to strike out on my own path and do my own thing and I can't wait!

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