Friday, June 14, 2013

And So It Begins

Every project that I have ever started begins with those 4 words. Its kind of like my motivation for achieving greatness. You gotta get started and set things in action if you want to get the magic started. I need a place to organize all my greatness and since writing has always been my means of truly expressing myself; this blog is like a second brain for me. I can't keep all this shit in my head. Especially when my short term memory requires a to-do list.

I'm excited. I been playing with ideas in my head for a while. I need to start producing something. I'm not sure what that something is yet, but that is why I am creating this blog. Hopefully it will help me get my ideas out and start putting them together so I can have a finished product to offer whomever would be interested in fucking with it. Monetarily. But I'll take showing love and support as well. But just to have clearly defined goals. I'm looking for opportunities to make money. Collaborations that will produce a profit. Or collaborations that would at least market my product or brand to an audience that I'm not familiar with.

I have this idea for a website that I think would be extremely cool for start up organizations to get together and collab with each other as well as already established companies and build/market their brand through these connections. And I have the brand name, and its fucking perfect. Like I was watching First 48 one day and they said it and I was like that would be such a dope name for a website that featured up and coming people, things, whatever. So that's one thing that I do want to start developing and working on. I used to be in the know of what was up and coming as far as music went but I am not anymore. So basically I guess I need to start looking for people who are in the know. And even more specifically, writers/bloggers who want to be featured as **** experts. I can't reveal the name yet. Somebody might steal it. Its too good. And on the stealing thought, I also need to draft a non-disclosure agreement because I have to be able to work with people I can trust. And if I have to legally obligate them to be trustworthy, THEN SO BE IT! (I love the Lion King)

But I'm excited. Thats just one of the million and million of ideas that I have floating around in my head. I'm tryna get this money, while providing a much needed service to people in various areas of life. And have an AMAZING time doing it. That is the plan. I'll put my goal section up as I develop this blog more.

Until next time...

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